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What can be used to uncover plumbing without having to call the plumber

If you have a covered pipe, your first instinct will be to call a plumber, but that can cost you a lot of money that you should not spend. Many clogged sinks are minor problems caused by hair or too much paper thrown into the pipeline at the same time. Try one or more of these solutions for your pipe problems before handing your money to the local professional.

A blower

Your first alternative should always be a blower. This simple tool can uncover a surprising number of clogged pipes. If the blockage is due to a body solid, there are chances that the vacuum created by the blower, allowing the water to run again.

Home chemists

Do you remember the volcano you made for the science show? You mixed soda soda with vinegar and resulting lava bubbles formed in your show. That same fermentation can clean the obstruction of your pipes. Dumps half a box of dry caustic soda into the sink. Add half a cup of vinegar. Insert a cloth into the hole to make the chemicals go down instead of up. Let them work for half an hour, then pour one gallon (3.8 liters) of boiling water to rinse it all.

Commercial pipe cleaner

The commercial cleaners are more caustic than caustic soda and vinegar, this means that they will clear clogs that homemade solutions cannot dissolve. Follow manufacturer’s instructions to the letter when using a commercial cleaner to avoid burns and damage to your pipes.


Plumbers often use a snake to remove physical obstructions in the pipes. Many home appliance businesses allow you to rent a snake per hour or per day, and also show you how to use it. The snake passes through the pipes. You should be able to remove any solid matter that will plug your pipes without paying the plumber per hour.

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