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Plumbing tips for unclogging a clogged drain with serpentine

Using a serpentine is an effective way to cope with a plugged drain. Using a serpentine plumbing in this manner is commonly called snaking a drain and can be done with different drains fixtures such as toilets, sinks, bathtubs and other plumbing. The serpentine pigtail is introduced through the drain to remove blockages that often are too deep to reach for the plungers.

Choose the appropriate serpentine

Different plumbing coils are suitable for different drains. A toilet or toilet streamer is especially suitable for navigating the curves and turns of a toilet drain to reach a blockage. Other augers are longer and are more suitable for sink and bath drains. An electric coil, which has its own engine attached and thicker and longer cable is most suitable for larger pipes up to 10 inches (25 cm) in diameter.

Prevents excessive force

When resistance occurs when the coil passes through the drain, excessive force can damage the installation you are trying to uncover. This is especially true when you snake a toilet drain. Not only can you mark the cup, you can also slice it. When you encounter the resistance, which indicates that you have reached the block, turn the handle of the serpentine counterclockwise and gently pull again on the body of the serpentine. Once outside, resume by turning the handle to the right.

When using an electric drill, you will not feel resistance, but you will notice that the sound of the drill motor “decreases.” Invert the engine at that time and remove the coil. Then move forward again.

Avoid uncovering after using chemicals

If you have poured chemical cleaner into the drain to break the blockage, avoid using a drill in the drain immediately afterwards. You can sprinkle chemicals on your skin, which can cause burns.

Try a different approach

If you are winding a sink drain, for example, and you cannot overcome the trap under the sink, remove the trap. Place a bucket underneath to collect the liquid. If the jam is not in the trap itself, insert the serpentine into the tube from the point beyond the trap. If you cannot reach an obstruction by snaking through a bath drain, remove the overflow plate from the bath and insert the coil through the drain pipe.

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