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How to write a customer testimonial for plumbing services

Customer testimonials are often the best way to learn about a company. After all, word of mouth advertising – or warnings – can be valuable tools in finding a plumber. And a trustworthy plumber can save you a bundle of money over the course of your life. If you find someone with service you will find invaluable, write a testimonial for others to know.


  1. Look for the name of the plumber and the name of the company. Make sure you get the correct name business name, including your spelling.
  2. Knows did exactly what the plumber uses. Do not just say, “He set an escape.” Be accurate. Is the kitchen sink, a sink, a bathtub faucet? Install a water heater? If so, is it gas or electric? Was it a 40-gallon tank or an 80-gallon tank? A drainage from the snake, or replace a pile? If you are not sure what the problem was, ask the plumber before and after completing the job. That will guide you through the process.
  3. Include the work domain. Know if the task or problem is over when the plumber leaves.
  4. Include neatness, punctuality and prompt response. Does the plumber respond to your original call? Her phone immediately? Did you leave a mess in your home? Did you see the professional or amateur finished product?
  5. Include the price. Was it a fair price? This may involve a bit of research on your part, but a quick check on a search engine like Google will give you comparable estimates.
  6. Make sure all your data is correct. Make sure you have the correct name of the plumber, the exact work him or her and the price. A client’s testimony loses all credibility if the facts are incorrect.
  7. Include if I would recommend this plumber or not and why.
  8. Follow John Smith’s plumbing and heating to repair a water heater leak in my basement. John returned my call promptly and arrived when he said he would. Free of charge for the job and my options, he explained. I solved the problem there and it was accurate, professional, meticulous and neat. The price he quoted me was fair, and there were no hidden costs or fees. From my experience, I recommend John Smith As a plumber and will call you in the future.
  9. Look for the email or company address and send the testimony to the company.

Tips & Warnings

  • Avoid using phrases such as “is the plumber” or “did a stupendous job”. These phrases do not say anything specific about what the plumber actually did. Be as detailed as possible.

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