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How to repair a small leak in a pipe

Sometimes the pipes begin to lose water, despite the efforts you could have done to prevent it . If the leak is near the joint, it can be solved by simply tightening the pipe downwards. If the leak is in the body of the pipe, you must remove the toolbox. Small leaks, fortunately, can be fixed fairly quickly, using some basic tools.


  1. Turn off the water, either for the whole house (if possible) or only for the section of the pipe that is leaking.
  2. Dry the area around the tube with a clean cloth and then sand the area to clean the sediment or oxidation. Repairs should be done on a clean and dry pipe, otherwise the tape will not adhere correctly.
  3. Cover the tube about 2 inches below the leak and wrap it all up 2 inches above the leak. Be sure to tighten the tape, especially in the area where the leak is. Pass the tape up and down so that there are several layers of tape over the leak and achieve maximum stability.

Second Part

  1. Open the water again.
  2. Turn off the water and clean the pipe as detailed above.
  3. Knead the epoxy putty in your hand and then flatten it down against your palm. Make it thick enough so that when you place it on the pipe it will be able to completely cover the crack.
  4. Put the putty on the leak and push down. Rub the caulk several times to make sure that the crack has filled and the putty stuck to the pipe.
  5. Wait an hour before running the water again. This will allow the putty to set and dry thoroughly.

Tips & Warnings

  • These are temporary solutions, although they can last quite a long time. Be sure to periodically check the piping to verify that the seal is still maintained and that no new leakage has occurred.

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